The Iiliaevi Trilogy

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The Iiliaevi chronicles the clash of two species – humans and the alien S'Kai-i. The story is seen through the eyes of Mairwen Anwyll, accidental first contact with the S'Kai-i, and those closest to her and to the ensuing conflict. Covering nearly 4 decades, the series takes Mairwen from a free-spirited teenager to an aging and unstable resistance fighter desperate to perpetuate a war that the new generation of both species is ready to end. It becomes unclear whether her desire to fight is born of patriotism or personal grudge.

A lifelong fan of the science fiction and fantasy genres, R.H. Montgomery has spent half of that life creating short stories for friends. Recently, that scribbler's energy has been refocused into writing novels. She lives in Colorado and is a member of Goodreads, The Independent Authors Network, and Aspiring Authors on Linkedin.